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Free Business Advertising on Wampit™ Europe

Wampit™ is a free business advertising service with over 250,000 unique visitors a month, and the listing below is an example of our FREE advert.

You can create a similar free business advert for your company in seconds - simply select the 'Create FREE Advert' button below to get started.

If you would like more information about Wampit™ and its achievements then please check out our Getting Started page, or click on this link to see a live example of free USA advert.

European Jewellery Co
European Jewellery Co
Camp Robinson, North Little Rock,
5 Ratings
European jewellery co
Business UK Directory - Phone

What you get for free:
  • Your business contact details
  • Two lines of text that describe your business
  • Display a picture of your business
  • A search engine friendly unique web address
  • Optional - upload a short video
  • Optional - TwitterLIVE - show your live 'tweets'

Benefits of all this stuff:
  • We send your advert to major search engines to appear in their search results - learn more
  • Simple/short advert creation process
  • Totally free to create - no catch
  • You can amend your advert at anytime 24/7
  • Become part of the future of free advertising!

Optional Extras

In addition to your free advert listing you can also purchase the following optional extras. There is no obligation to purchase any of these, we just thought you might like them as they will really enhance your free advert. Current pricing is available from the create free advert page.

priority listing advertiser
Business Directory - Rockoko Designer Jewellery Business Directory - Rockoko Designer Jewellery ` Business Directory - Rockoko Designer Jewellery Business Directory - Rockoko Designer Jewellery
5 Ratings
European jewellery co
Free Business Advertising - Phone
OFFER: Get 5% off your purchase - just mention Wampit when booking - expires 25/05/2012

Website link
Have a website? If you do then why not add a link to your site and we'll populate your listing with a globe icon link, and also display 'Visit our website' within the 'info' button.

Extra images
Add up to 3 extra images to your listing - these will be rotated every 3 seconds with your main image, and will really make your advert stand out.

Offers/discount info
Promote any offers/sales/discounts you are running with an expiry date. Your offer will scroll in red text along the bottom of your advert, and can also be updated by you at any time via your account page.

My links (shown in 'info' button)
Do you advertise or blog on other websites, e.g. Facebook or Twitter etc? If yes, then you can link to them directly from your advert with us.

Document upload - PDF (shown in 'info' button)
Show potential customers as much information as you can by uploading either a menu (if you’re a restaurant), price list, marketing brochure or other general information about your company.

To learn more about PDFs, and see how simple it is to create your very own one from a Microsoft Word document then visit our PDF Tutorial.

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